How is PulpHEAL™ Dispensed?

Syringe #1 = Dry powder with the following ingredients:
  • Metronidazole USP - 43%
  • Ciprofloxacin HCI USP - 14%
  • Cindamycin HCI USP - 43%
  • Iodoform (Triiodomethane), USP added to the formula to make the product radiopaque for x-rays.

Before using PulpHEAL™, please assess the patient for allergies to ciprofloxacin, metronidzole, clindamycin, iodine, and propylene glycol.

Syringe #2 = Biodegradable liquid vehicle base:
  • Polyethylene Glycol 300 MW liquid- 50%
  • Propylene Glycol - 50%
Also supplied are a syringe to syringe adapter (red) for mixing the 2 syringes and Flowthru tips for administration. The syringes are provided in an amber bag to protect the powders from degradation due to light. The product does not require refrigeration. 

Mixing instructions (Video forthcoming)

1.  Remove the black cap from each syringe.

2.  Twist the syringe to syringe adapter (red) onto the end of each syringe to connect the 2 syringes together.

3.  Inject the contents of the liquid component into the powder syringe, and mix the syringes back and forth 30-40 times.

4.   Leave the syringes connected and allow the product time to stiffen.

5.  ***The material will be too thin to use for approximately 20 minutes.

6.  Remix the syringes approximately 10 times.

7.  Push all ofthe contents into 1of the syringes, and then unscrew the syringe from the adapter.

8.  Attach the Flowthru™ tip to place the material into the tooth.  If the tip becomes clogged, pull back on the syringe or replace the Flowthru™ tip with a new one.

Click here to download Mixing Instructions

Before using this medication, please assess the patient for allergies to the listed ingredients, including iodine (iodoform) on the PV3i Kit

Clinical Procedure

1.  Clinical signs and symptoms recorded

2.  Preoperative radiograph taken

3.  Achieve Anesthesia

4.   Isolate tooth with rubber dam

5.  Access opening performed and necrotic pulp tissue removed

6.  Enlarge orifices of canal openings to create a medication cavity

7.  Walls of pulp chamber chemically

8.  Cleansed with 35% phosphoric acid for 1minute

9.  If any hemorrhage present controlledby applying 10% NaOCL on cotton pellet

  • Place PulpHEAL™ Paste in medication cavities and over the pulpal floor

10. Seal with glass ionomer cement

11. Restore with stainless steel crown







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